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about shadoe gray

In her (too many to mention!) decades as an entrepreneur, Shadoe Gray has lived many lifetimes in many industries, through her own businesses and through the hundreds she has started for her clients over the years.  Beginning with her first business at age 16, a secretarial service for entrepreneurs she named Entrepay (which stood for entrepreneurs getting paid), Shadoe has always had that business owner drive.  In her few stints as an actual employee, she was always that one who went to the boss with a "better way" to do things.  Shadoe said "finally after being told yet again that if I thought I could do it better, that I should go do it...I did."

Since then, Shadoe has made a successful living developing successful strategies for herself, her employees and her clients and is currently in development with major players to launch a nationwide product to spread that success system to licensees across the US!

"finally after being told yet again that if I thought I could do it better, that I should go do it...I did."



Medical Benefit Associates




Visitation Supervisors Network


The Institute for Unlearning

MBA Medical Benefit Associates Workers' Comp Collections, Lien Filing and Litigation firm specializing in radiology and physical medicine since 1997 (Founded in 1978)

Bolster is your primary Outsource Resource offering the best in US-based Virtual Assistants, Experts and Providers of all the Business Services necessary to support your growing business.

VSN is an agency that certifies professional Visitation Supervisors in the state of California and also operates as a placement agency for those certified by their network.  VSN also offers parenting classes based on the Love and Logic curriculum.

The Institute for Unlearning focuses on groundbreaking leadership development for CEOs and other professionals responsible for creating positive results through others.

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